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Who’s ready for Christmas?

I decided to be adventurous on my daughter’s dress for Christmas this year. I knew I wanted to do a lace overlay on a dress pattern I’ve made already but it was a matter of finding the right one.

And that I did! I found this red lace on clearance at Hobby Lobby! It was only $3 a yard, a steal! Now that I had my lace, I found a red foil fabric half off at Jo-Ann’s. I was ready to start sewing!

This was my first dressy dress. I also added a sash, big bow and sparkly buttons!

There were some hiccups here and there with the fabric while sewing. It was pretty thick around the armpit area and I had to cut some fabric so it would lay flat. I had to use a piece of fabric on top of the lace when I had to iron it down. Because the lace was so light, it moved a lot so I had to use all my pins to pin the fabric in place. It was definitely a learning experience but I love how the dress turned out and I think my daughter did too! She calls it her “fancy” dress and it is indeed fancy!

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