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Mother’s Day


I had the great honor of gifting 22 celebrity mother’s this Mother’s Day, through The Artisan Group. These celebrity mom’s included Alicia Keys, Amanda Peet, Ashley Rosenbaum, Bethany Hamilton, Beverly Mitchell, Carrie Underwood, Casey Wilson, Emily Deschanel, Isla Fisher, Jaime King, Jessica Paré, Kelly Rowland, Kristen Bell, Lena Headey, Lindsay Price, Milla Jovovich, Rachael Leigh Cook, Shakira, Tamera Housley, Vanessa Carlton, Vanessa Lachey and Zoe Saldana. I made each of them a trendy diaper clutch with matching loop cord pacifier clip. Some of the pacifier clips were even personalized with the baby’s name. Check it out at my etsy site!

My beautiful Mom




My mom was one-of-a-kind. She fled from her home in Vietnam before the peak of the war to a refugee camp here in the states. It was there that she met my dad and after just 10 days, it was she who proposed to him. She was never one to wait for things to happen. She made things happen. She had a love for cooking and boy was it was delicious. People still remember her fabulous egg rolls and fried rice. It still baffles my mind that she was able to have meals for us everyday while still working a full time job. She never seemed tired nor did I ever hear her complain. She just did it. She took care of four kids and worked hard to provide for us. Oh, don’t let me forget to mention the cleaning. She loved to keep things clean. It was a weekly ritual with her. Every Sunday, she would be up at the crack of dawn to clean the entire house while I was still in bed. And I wouldn’t even think of trying to do it for her because it wouldn’t be as good as how she did it.


She was an amazing person inside and out. Though she was taken too soon from us, she has touched so many hearts.


She fought a good fight until the end. She was able to stay with us to see me marry the love of my life and celebrated my brothers’ 18th birthdays. As painful as it was to see her go, I know that she is in a better place now. She was a super mom and I hope she knew how appreciated she was.


I am not a mom yet, but I hope I can be as great as she was. I will love you always mom!

Touched by Inspiration

I’ve been inspired. Just recently, between a little break, I was able to watch Julie & Julia and I was truly inspired. Not to create all of Julia’s recipes and write a blog about it, but to simply cook again. I’ve been feeling like I’m in a cooking rut. When I do cook, I tend to make the same thing over and over again, due to lack of time and whatever is in the pantry. It’s not like I don’t enjoy cooking and creating, I do, I just haven’t felt the inspiration to cook again. Right after watching the movie, I messaged my husband to see if it’ll be okay with him if I purchased her cookbooks and a dutch oven. It’s a win/win for both of us. I get to cook again and he eats delicious meals. So I set forth and purchased these items using my AMEX points, so virtually “free”. Another huge reason I want to start cooking again has a lot to do with my mom. She never needed a cookbook or recipe, she just knew what to make and it was always delicious. She was able to memorize all of her creations, know what amount of fish sauce or what have you to make it superb. Unfortunately, she did not write down these recipes for me before she passed away. Her reasoning, “it’s just all in my head, I just know, I can’t write it down.” Silly woman, I tell you. Luckily, I was able to learn a few of her recipes, by watching, not participating. No one was allowed into her kitchen. Stay tuned for my adventures in French cooking, I just hope the food tastes as good as what Julia Child would want it to be. Wish me luck!

Time to remember

This past weekend, I lost a former colleague. Though we only had a short time working together, she still affected my life. She was the mother of the agency. After attending her wake last night, old memories resurfaced. It was almost five years ago, that it was me standing in front of my mom’s coffin, listening to the condolences of friends. “Everything will be alright.” “I’m sorry for your lost.” “My condolences to you and your family.” But none of those words, though from the heart, mended my broken heart. Nothing brought my mom back. That feeling of losing someone, it’s just something you can’t shake. There isn’t a moment that I don’t wish I had done something different. Only if I spent more time with her or talked to her more. Anything so I can just be with her again. I know it’s selfish for me to want her here in living flesh, because I know in my heart that she’s in a better place now. But that still doesn’t take away the pain of wanting to hold her hand again or just hug her and squeeze her just to let her know that I love her. No other hug can replace a hug from your mother. I miss you mommy and love you forever and ever!

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