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Baby Nguyen Quilt


The hubby and I have been in the ¬†process of adopting a baby girl from the Republic of Moldova, which we started in August 2012. As we continue to move forward with our paperwork, I slowly become more and more anxious. As I was cleaning my office one day, I realized that I have a lot of scrap fabric. I thought to myself, “what can I do with all this fabric?” I decided to make a quilt for our baby. I have never talked a project this large but I was ready for the challenge. I quickly found tutorials online to help me but I ended up using this tutorial from Fiskars. It seemed like a good beginner quilt project. I pulled out fabrics from when I first started to sew to ones that I recently used. One fabric that I choose was a corduroy from the first bag I ever made. Others include different prints with yellow being the main color. I choose yellow because it’s one of my favorite colors as well as my late mother.




After cutting all the fabric squares and laying out a pattern, I started sewing the pieces together. I tried to be as precise as possible but the lines didn’t always lined up. It’s not the most perfect quilt ever made but I love it. I can’t wait for our baby girl to cuddle up with it.


When our paperwork is finally processed and we’re matched up, I plan on making another quilt, with fabrics purchased from Moldova. That way, she’ll have a quilt from her old home and one from her new home.

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