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Clutch with flap

I decided to make a new clutch with a flap. One is just a typical clutch with flap and wrist strap and the black and white one is a flat bottom clutch with a flap and short strap. I think both turned out great. They are of course hand embroidered as well. Also, this was the first time I worked with buttons. After a little trial and error, I got it snapping to perfection.

My first embroidery & purse

I’ve been following craftgawker for a little while now and love all the creative things that I come across on that site. I want to try them all. One project I was really impressed with was Yadira’s 1st embroidery. It looked gorgeous and sounded so easy to do. But I wanted to do more with the fabric after I was done embroidering it. So I upped the ante and wanted to create a purse with the embroidered fabric. I have never embroidered nor been able to sew a straight line in my life, so it was a challenge I was willing to attempt.

My first goal was to find fabric that was my style. I went to Ikea first but all the prints were just too large. Then I stopped in at Hobby Lobby and I was amazed at the beautiful prints they offered and it was on sale. I had to stop myself from wanting to purchase one of every spool. Since this was my first time, I didn’t want to go overboard. I picked out two of my favorite prints and bought half a yard of each. I then stopped by Michael’s to find floss that matched the colors on the print. While bouncing ideas off with the hubby, he mentioned lining the purse. I didn’t even think about that. Next stop was Jo-Ann’s, where I picked up a few solid prints and zippers. A size 9 inch zipper worked best for clutch I had in mind. Keep in mind, I have never sewn a zipper onto fabric before, so I was a little intimidated by that step.

Then I got to embroidering. I had no idea the different types of stitches there were. I found this blog, which had the best step by step directions with pictures and it was easy. After I finished embroidering all four pieces of fabric, I looked to this blog to help me sew on the zipper to the fabric. I also included a pocket in the purse to fit my smart phone. It wasn’t easy at first, but I got the hang of it. And here is my first embroidered and sewn purse.

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