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We’re Adopting!


As some of you may know, we’ve been trying to adopt for the past three years. It’s been such a rollercoaster ride. Our original country we choose to adopt from did not work out for us so we had to kind of start over at the beginning of 2015. Nothing from our original dossier would work for our China adoption. As far as the paperwork chase, we needed everything again, including re-approval of our i800a form, home study update, more training, original birth certificates and marriage licenses. You name it, we needed it. And it all paid off because we received our very first referral in August 2015. We had so many emotions running through us. Since this was our very first referral since the beginning of this journey, we obviously had a lot of questions. After all was said and done, we accepted our referral and began our next leg of the journey to bring baby Nguyen home. This leg of the journey seemed like it was taking forever! We still had to finish up our dossier and have everything apostilled and then stamped at the China Consulate here in Houston. Then we had to wait for our Article 5 to be issued and wait for Notice of Travel. All in all, we’ve waited about 8 months since our acceptance and we’re finally traveling to bring her home! Thank you all for your support and prayers! Please continue to pray for us as we fly to bring her home.

Baby Nguyen Quilt


The hubby and I have been in the  process of adopting a baby girl from the Republic of Moldova, which we started in August 2012. As we continue to move forward with our paperwork, I slowly become more and more anxious. As I was cleaning my office one day, I realized that I have a lot of scrap fabric. I thought to myself, “what can I do with all this fabric?” I decided to make a quilt for our baby. I have never talked a project this large but I was ready for the challenge. I quickly found tutorials online to help me but I ended up using this tutorial from Fiskars. It seemed like a good beginner quilt project. I pulled out fabrics from when I first started to sew to ones that I recently used. One fabric that I choose was a corduroy from the first bag I ever made. Others include different prints with yellow being the main color. I choose yellow because it’s one of my favorite colors as well as my late mother.




After cutting all the fabric squares and laying out a pattern, I started sewing the pieces together. I tried to be as precise as possible but the lines didn’t always lined up. It’s not the most perfect quilt ever made but I love it. I can’t wait for our baby girl to cuddle up with it.


When our paperwork is finally processed and we’re matched up, I plan on making another quilt, with fabrics purchased from Moldova. That way, she’ll have a quilt from her old home and one from her new home.

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