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New website

Each time I refresh my website, I feel like I have grown as a designer. I’ve come to wear multiple hats and with this I had to create a site that let the viewer get right where they needed to go, This version is very light and minimal but it also lets the work shine. Let me know what you think!

Recent Custom Order {2012-07-09}

I just completed a custom order for a friend, which included a clutch that could attach to a bike or stroller, stroller straps and a toy leash. I have never made any of the items but I was up for the challenge. It was so fun to learn and make these pieces. Let me know if you’d like one of your own!

Day 27: From a distance

We were finally able to hit up some food trucks around town and boy was it yummy! We enjoyed tasty hot dogs from Good Dog Hot Dogs. So, so good and friendly folks too. It was so good that we saw them again on Saturday since they were in our neighborhood. We also had some chicken and waffles from Zilla Eats. Then we had very flavorful soft shell crab sandwich from The Modular, highly recommended! And we ended the night with Phamily Bites. A good time had by all!

Day 24: Animal

This one is easy. I have a wonderful animal that loves me dearly and her name is Sadie. She’s a little munchkin that I love dearly. She’s always eager for her two walks in a day. Just looking at her makes me smile. I hope she does the same for you.


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