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Calling all runners

Calling all runners, new and old, I need your input. I am a huge supporter when it comes to running events, since my husband runs in a handful of them, I’m always out there. My question to the runners, would you find a need for a Runner’s Calendar? You would be able to see the dates of 5ks, marathons and/or triathlons, when you would to register for them and start training. There would also be areas for you to log your training or runner’s notes. If you were to purchase one, how much would you be willing to pay and what would you like to see in them? Please leave me comments, I would love to hear what you have to say.

What would you do?

I remember going to Michael’s and seeing this personal silk screening printer and didn’t think much of it at the time. I was reintroduced to it by a friend and was really intrigued, since I want to add new products to my services. It is called Yudu, screen printer lets you put your favorite designs wherever you like, on T-shirts, book covers, or virtually any flat surface. And it’s much cleaner than the usual silk screening process. How awesome is that? I’ll be making my purchase this weekend and will let you know how it goes.

Projects in house

A few new projects that I’m working on. I’m partnering up with peg loves… to design something everyone can use. I have to be vague about it, not to ruin any surprises that may come. I’m also planning to add new products for everyone to purchase. I started last year, offering custom holiday photo cards. I’ll add to that line, custom note cards, custom invitations, custom photo albums and the list goes go on and on. Keep a look out for designs that I post, either on my website or on etsy. Feel free to buzz me if you’d like me to design something personal for you.

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