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There is hope

I’ve battled with Rheumatoid Arthritis for more than half my life. It’s a struggle everyday, but I always wear a smile on my face. There’s no point in drowning in sorrow; make the day a new day, a day to smile. I’ve never looked down on myself nor would I want anyone else too. I’ve learned a lot from this disease and it has made me a stronger person. It is very rare for me to ever say, “Why me?” I’ve been on all sorts of drugs and treatments in hopes to stop this disease and salvage my joints for a little bit longer. Recently, a new study has come out for Rheumatoid Arthritis claiming to “halt and even reverse rheumatoid arthritis.” Is it true? Could it be that something has come out to bring me to what doctors like to refer to as “normal” in a less toxic form? I sure like to think so.

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