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366 Day Photography Challenge :: Day 1

To start the New Year off, I decided to challenge myself to capture a photo of each day in 2012. Mainly for me to chronicle my memories and to challenge my creativity. I plan on starting with a photography challenge I found back in the summer time and then go from there. For Day 1, the challenge was to do a self-portrait. I struggled with this one a bit because I didn’t want to just take a photo of myself and be done with it. What I decided to do was photograph objects that make me who I am.








1. My love for design

2. My faith and belief that God has a path for me

3. My parents, who I love and adore

4. My hubby, without him, my life is incomplete

5. My love for sewing, something that started as a way to pass the time has made me love to make bags and purses

6. My Sadie, almost 3 years ago we rescued her from the Houston SPCA, I could not imagine my life without her

7. My computer, without it, I am truly lost. ūüėČ




My fall garden

So our summer garden did not fair too well in the scorching heat. We did have plenty of cucumbers and basil, however the rest of my plants eventually died off one by one.

I was not going to give up. We increased the height of our above ground garden to be 18″ tall to help with root growth. We purchased more compost/manure mixture and tilled the soil. For our fall garden, we are planting three different types of tomatoes, winter and summer squash, english cucumbers, french beans, onions, butter lettuce, beets, cauliflower, basil, rosemary, two varieties of bell peppers, brussel sprouts and bitter melon. And so far, the garden is thriving. I can’t wait to harvest all the goodies.

Messenger Bag

Here is my first take on a mini messenger bag. It took me a while to figure out how to attach the d-rings. It’s still a work in process on how to attach it but I think it looks great and it’s functional.

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