My awesome Dad




What can I say? I was and still am a daddy’s girl. It’s not that difficult to be since I’m the only girl out of 4 boys.


My dad is my rock. We had a bumpy start to our relationship as any protective parent would. There were a lot of things I was not allowed to do until I was 18. This included no make-up, though I would sneak it on at school. I couldn’t drive either, which was so not fair since my brothers were able to when they were 16! And the biggest no-no was having a boyfriend. That was the biggest bummer yet. But as all rebellious teenagers realize as they get older is how grateful these rules were. I’m glad I wasn’t allowed to date until later in life because I don’t think I would have met my wonderful hubby. Though I still don’t understand the no driving thing but I’m sure it was all for good reasons.


I would’ve never imaged my dad ever cooking, it was always my mom that took care of the food. But when she passed, he stepped up in a big way. He was there and he provided for all of us. Even as most of us are living our own lives, he still cooks for us at family dinners.


I love you pops!

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