My beautiful Mom




My mom was one-of-a-kind. She fled from her home in Vietnam before the peak of the war to a refugee camp here in the states. It was there that she met my dad and after just 10 days, it was she who proposed to him. She was never one to wait for things to happen. She made things happen. She had a love for cooking and boy was it was delicious. People still remember her fabulous egg rolls and fried rice. It still baffles my mind that she was able to have meals for us everyday while still working a full time job. She never seemed tired nor did I ever hear her complain. She just did it. She took care of four kids and worked hard to provide for us. Oh, don’t let me forget to mention the cleaning. She loved to keep things clean. It was a weekly ritual with her. Every Sunday, she would be up at the crack of dawn to clean the entire house while I was still in bed. And I wouldn’t even think of trying to do it for her because it wouldn’t be as good as how she did it.


She was an amazing person inside and out. Though she was taken too soon from us, she has touched so many hearts.


She fought a good fight until the end. She was able to stay with us to see me marry the love of my life and celebrated my brothers’ 18th birthdays. As painful as it was to see her go, I know that she is in a better place now. She was a super mom and I hope she knew how appreciated she was.


I am not a mom yet, but I hope I can be as great as she was. I will love you always mom!

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