We’re Adopting!


As some of you may know, we’ve been trying to adopt for the past three years. It’s been such a rollercoaster ride. Our original country we choose to adopt from did not work out for us so we had to kind of start over at the beginning of 2015. Nothing from our original dossier would work for our China adoption. As far as the paperwork chase, we needed everything again, including re-approval of our i800a form, home study update, more training, original birth certificates and marriage licenses. You name it, we needed it. And it all paid off because we received our very first referral in August 2015. We had so many emotions running through us. Since this was our very first referral since the beginning of this journey, we obviously had a lot of questions. After all was said and done, we accepted our referral and began our next leg of the journey to bring baby Nguyen home. This leg of the journey seemed like it was taking forever! We still had to finish up our dossier and have everything apostilled and then stamped at the China Consulate here in Houston. Then we had to wait for our Article 5 to be issued and wait for Notice of Travel. All in all, we’ve waited about 8 months since our acceptance and we’re finally traveling to bring her home! Thank you all for your support and prayers! Please continue to pray for us as we fly to bring her home.

Mother’s Day


I had the great honor of gifting 22 celebrity mother’s this Mother’s Day, through The Artisan Group. These celebrity mom’s included Alicia Keys, Amanda Peet, Ashley Rosenbaum, Bethany Hamilton, Beverly Mitchell, Carrie Underwood, Casey Wilson, Emily Deschanel, Isla Fisher, Jaime King, Jessica Paré, Kelly Rowland, Kristen Bell, Lena Headey, Lindsay Price, Milla Jovovich, Rachael Leigh Cook, Shakira, Tamera Housley, Vanessa Carlton, Vanessa Lachey and Zoe Saldana. I made each of them a trendy diaper clutch with matching loop cord pacifier clip. Some of the pacifier clips were even personalized with the baby’s name. Check it out at my etsy site!

Buy Handmade




Can you believe it’s only 71 days until Christmas? That’s less than three months away! I know it seems so far away to start thinking about shopping for Christmas but before you know it, it’ll be right at your doorstep. Since I’ve given you the heads up, why not buy handmade this holiday season. You can help support small businesses, like myself and the other awesome artisan’s from The Artisan Group! Here is the 2014 Annual Holiday Gift Guide! Happy shopping everybody!

What I’ve been up to


August was a very busy month for me. Not only was I busy filling orders and doing design work, I started something I stopped a while back, couponing. Sometimes it feels like it takes so much time but I think I’ve figured out a way to manage work and find deals without stressing myself out. If you’d like to see the deals I’ve been making, check out my other blog.

Here are my top 5 events from August

  1. Speaking in a public forum
  2. Reunion with friends near and far
  3. Lunch with my beautiful friend Peg Loves & the momma-to-be from Sara Catherine Photography
  4. Welcoming a new cousin to the family
  5. Spending time with the family

My awesome Dad




What can I say? I was and still am a daddy’s girl. It’s not that difficult to be since I’m the only girl out of 4 boys.


My dad is my rock. We had a bumpy start to our relationship as any protective parent would. There were a lot of things I was not allowed to do until I was 18. This included no make-up, though I would sneak it on at school. I couldn’t drive either, which was so not fair since my brothers were able to when they were 16! And the biggest no-no was having a boyfriend. That was the biggest bummer yet. But as all rebellious teenagers realize as they get older is how grateful these rules were. I’m glad I wasn’t allowed to date until later in life because I don’t think I would have met my wonderful hubby. Though I still don’t understand the no driving thing but I’m sure it was all for good reasons.


I would’ve never imaged my dad ever cooking, it was always my mom that took care of the food. But when she passed, he stepped up in a big way. He was there and he provided for all of us. Even as most of us are living our own lives, he still cooks for us at family dinners.


I love you pops!